December 2, 2017

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Many people are immediately intrigued by the bright colors of our drinks & decadent pitaya bowls, but we always get the same question, "What even is p...

What is Pitaya?

December 2, 2017

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Pink Matter's Women Wednesday Spotlight: Camille Rosales

March 15, 2018

Last week we recognized Kat Salazar, an active girl boss in making the world a better place. This week, we have a woman who I hold dear to my heart (totally not biased because she’s my sister), is an incredible inspiration to everyone around her, and was basically forced on a path that she didn’t know she wanted: Camille Rosales, Girl Boss and owner of a growing Local U-Haul Dealership.


Camille graduated from Irvine Valley College with a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. When Cam moved back home from Irvine in 2012, she began working at a family friend’s U-Haul dealership — little did she know this was only the beginning for her career path. After working at the two dealership locations, Cam had grown tired of the work, environment, and treatment, and decided to switch career paths in U-Haul, moving to the corporate side. She also decided she was going to also attended California Baptist University and become a teacher. With almost a year left of her degree, Camille had received news of her old boss’s health condition — he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.


Cam had left corporate and went back to working the, now, three dealerships alongside her old friend. She had known the operation inside and out, but it wasn’t enough for her to be ready for what the future. She changed her degree to Business Administration (and will be graduating at the end of this year!) to understand more than just the daily store operations.


So, here Camille is, going to school, dealing with her personal life, and learning all she could about the business before her boss passed. She faced depression, anxiety, but did her best to keep a smile and keep her head up. I remember visiting home, just last year, and watching my sister be so strong for everyone around her but hardly anyone was that for her.


A few days after the New Year 2018, her boss, her friend, had passed. It was something that Cam was ready for, and her friend too. Because her boss had trusted Camille and knew what she was capable of, he had trusted her to received his three U-Haul Dealerships, in addition to a new friend, Prowler, a Great Dane who had been by Cam’s friends side throughout his journey.


Now, as she owns and wears the “Girl Boss” with pride, despite the backlash and struggle she faces daily. When I asked her what kind of backlash she receives, Cam said it’s mainly from customers who aren’t comfortable with her, or the other women employees, doing the physical labor of hooking up trailers to the vehicles. “They prefer the men to do it because ‘they know what they’re doing,’ when in reality, I’ve been doing this for 5+ years now and these guys have been doing it for a few months.” A big struggle she faces is delegating tasks. “Running three dealerships isn’t easy.” So, Camille trusts her employees who are capable.

Behind every Girl Boss there is an inspiration, a support system, and this is Camille’s (and my) mom, of course!

“She has taught me the value of hard work. She always made me earn my way whether it was going to basketball camp or getting a brand new scooter. She always worked hard to make sure I had the best upbringing possible. I never realized how much my mom invested into my passions because she never let me settle for ‘good enough.’ She always pushes me to reach my full potential even if it meant she had to give me some tough love.”

After listening to what my sister said, I had to agree. Moms are great support systems and help shape all of us into the most badass girl bosses we could possibly be!


Before running a business, wanting to be a teacher, and at one point auditioning for “The Voice,” Cam played basketball. She trained to be the best and along the way met a man who had once spoken these wise words she now lives by:

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” - Coach John Wooden

Camille practices this everyday, and even when there is something she cannot do, she definitely finds a way so that she can do it.


Finally, I asked her for a piece of advice to give to aspiring girl bosses.

“Do not to be afraid to ask for help. It is important to utilize your resources and relieve yourself of some stress when things get overwhelming. Also, do not give up. Investing your time in what you love will pay off.”


Cam was put into this situation where she was taking care of the business, and even her boss sometimes. This wasn’t the career path she wanted for herself, originally, but now whenever I talk to Cam always expresses how grateful she is about what has been given to her. No, this opportunity wasn’t handed to her on a silver platter, and the circumstances for it is unfortunate, but because of her hard work, dependability, and trustworthiness, she has earned something great.  


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