December 2, 2017

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Many people are immediately intrigued by the bright colors of our drinks & decadent pitaya bowls, but we always get the same question, "What even is p...

What is Pitaya?

December 2, 2017

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5 Healthy & On-The-Go Snacks

February 26, 2018

We can always get distracted from our busy schedules as the days quickly go by. But that doesn't excuse you for ruining your diet by skipping small meals! One of the best ways to fix that issue is by eating protein-pack snacks wherever you go. Here are 5 ideas on healthy, protein-packed, and portable snacks that you can bring anywhere with you and will leave you stuffed before your next big meal.


1. Greek Yogurt Parfait

In a mason jar, I personally love alternatively layering my choice of frozen fruit (blueberries), greek yogurt, and granola. The layering really helps with the issue of mixing the whole thing so you can just simply dig in whenever you want to!


Another tip I'd like to mention for greek yogurt is adding liquid stevia drops of any flavor you like. I understand that many people are hesitant to add plain greek yogurt into their diet because of its very strong tartness that most people don't tend to love and have a hard time consuming. As one of those people, I always add vanilla flavored liquid stevia, a zero calorie sweetener, to my plain greek yogurt whenever I make this concoction. That way, you don't have to buy flavored greek yogurt since most of them have more calories and sugar than plain greek yogurt. 


2. Tuna and Crackers

You can simply bring yourself a pre-made tuna salad mixture (I personally use StarKist brand) and low sodium crackers of your choice to create and easy on-the-go protein-packed snack!









3. Apple Slices and Peanut Butter

Apples carry a whole list of nutritional benefits, giving people a reason to eat this regularly. But one of the areas it lacks in nutrition is protein. Adding all natural peanut butter can help balance out that issues while keeping you full and satisfied with its sweet and salty flavor. 


A tip I would recommend everyone to implement is to add all natural peanut butter to your diet. The only way you can really determine that is by looking at the ingredient's list on the back of every product. As for natural peanut butter, it should only contain peanuts and salt. Any peanut butter product that contains anything more is just unnecessary additives.


4. Raw Vegetables and Hummus


Add hummus to a mason jar and add slices of any raw vegetables of your choice! Whether it'd be celery, carrots, bell pepper, cucumbers, or even whole broccoli. Since raw vegetables don't contain a lot of calories, I like to add two servings of hummus to add even more protein to my diet. 







5. Low-fat Chocolate Milk

Feeling extra lazy? Low on time before you're late for work or school? Just pour yourself a serving of low-fat chocolate milk and head out the door! Tip: Purchasing low-fat chocolate milk helps you prevent consuming more calories compared to drinking regular chocolate milk. 



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