December 2, 2017

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Many people are immediately intrigued by the bright colors of our drinks & decadent pitaya bowls, but we always get the same question, "What even is p...

What is Pitaya?

December 2, 2017

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5 Ways Towards Healthy Eating Habits

January 22, 2018

I hope everyone is still on track with their New Year's resolutions! Just remember that, as human beings, it is completely normal to fall off the wagon countless times. Remember to cut yourself some slack and as long as you've got down dedication and consistency, you're on the right track even if you feel like your goals will never be met anytime soon. As a little guidance towards your health goals, here are 5 ways towards healthy eating habits. 


1. Cut out the fizzy drinks

It’s a hard habit to kill, but I recommend cutting off all sugary and fizzy drinks incorporated with your meals. Great substitutes for those unecessary and extra calories are water, black coffee, tea, fruit infused water, fruit smoothies, and so much more! By incorporating these options, you will save yourself so many calories you never realized you were intaking, leading towards a more energized and lively version of yourself.


2. Start cooking food at home

Not only does it make you cautious of what you put in your food, it also saves you so much money by not eating out! A great tip i personally follow when I shop for groceries  is to only shop within the perimeter of the store. This prevents myself from getting minimally processed foods while getting the necessities like produce and meats. 


As we all know, buying the freshest produce with no additives is the most optimal for our groceries and our diet. However, they are relatively on the more expensive side and they tend to spoil quickly when not used within the first few days. Another great option for efficient grocery shopping is buying frozen meats, vegetables, and fruits! not only are they quick to prepare, they tend to not spoil as fast as it would fresh.













3. Eat before you go grocery shopping

You're most likely to start on food impulse buys when grocery shopping on an empty stomach. As you walk down the aisle, you start finding things more appetizing that you normally would which potentially becomes an uneccessary purchase. So the next time you go on your grocery run, be sure to go after a meal and bring a grocery list with you since it consist all the necessities you really need.

4. Downsize your plates

Portion sizes have significantly grown within the past decade without even realizing how drastic the change it. Because of our relatively large plates that we store in our cabinets, we always feel the need to fill up the entirety of our plates in order to eat. If you just simply change your big plate into a smaller plate, you will most likely be eating the correct portion sizes when finishing the whole plate rather than eating in a big plate. You'll also feel just as full as you would if you ate from your big plate because your mind has witnessed you finishing a whole plate of food. 

5. Set realistic goals

We all know that jumping right into a healthier lifestyle is as easy as it sounds. But what most people end up doing is going back to their unhealthy eating routines because of pure restriction of foods they want to have but cant have at all. By having a realistic mindset could lead to a long-term and successful healthy lifestyle. You need to remind yourself that this healthy lifestyle isn’t just some “easy fix” to whatever your health goals are. A lifestyle requires consistency, dedication, and realistic goals. 




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