December 2, 2017

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Many people are immediately intrigued by the bright colors of our drinks & decadent pitaya bowls, but we always get the same question, "What even is p...

What is Pitaya?

December 2, 2017

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8 Easy Ways Towards a Healthier and Happier Life

January 2, 2018

The new year has officially kicked in and what better way to start off your 2018 by sharing our personal advice on how to live towards a happier and healthier life!


Go on a date… with yourself!

Don’t hesitate to try this out! If you think about it, isn’t it difficult to go out of your way and find someone that truly likes doing the same things as you do? Why not just do the things you like by yourself? There’s no shame in that!


When I spend time for myself, I like to stay in my favorite cafe with my favorite cup o’ joe, freshly baked cookies, and just tune out with my favorite music while browsing the internet or even just watch life happen right in front of my eyes. Then I’d go to the movie theaters and treat myself with some buttered popcorn and a great movie to watch.


Incorporate a planner into your daily life

I can guarantee you that bringing a planner with you wherever you go can make a huge difference in the way you work and feel. Relying on your own memory is never a good idea once you have a busier lifestyle consisting of work, school, a social life, meetings, etc. Ever since I included a planner in my life during college, I found myself less stressed and it makes my worries more manageable when I have all my responsibilities and meetings hand-written all


Eat mindfully 

It’s easy to go for the chips, ice cream, and instant ramen when you're stressed, having certain cravings, or just have no time to eat at all. But it’s not ideal to live off of processed foods that contain ingredients with names that you can't even pronounce! By fueling your body with healthy, whole foods, you are treating your body right by giving it the proper nutrition that it needs to boost up your energy levels and making you feel better overall. 


The best way to keep unhealthy eating habits at bay is to NOT deprive yourself of delicious, yet unhealthy food by keeping three or four healthy, on-the-go snacks on hand. For example, salt-free popcorn, if you’re craving a hand-held snack; or a small piece of chocolate for something sweet--so you aren't tempted to binge on cookies or ice cream.


Feeling a little extra? I definitely recommend my personal favorite, Pitaya Avocado Toast! Made with just 6 wholesome ingredients, you can enjoy our version of avocado toast that is unlike any other. Not only does it please the eye, but it also contains your necessary intake of healthy fats and pitaya (dragon fruit)! Along with the creamy avocado spread with multi-grain wholewheat bread, our kick with the pitaya and pomegranate help to add a boost of extra healthy antioxidants that you need for the day.

via @pinkmatterjuicebar Instagram



With today’s technology and smartphones, it’s difficult to ignore emails, phone calls, and notifications that consistently pop-up from social media outlets or texts messages from friends and family. However, don’t be afraid to disconnect from the virtual world for some hours in your day. Instead of spending your quiet-time staring at a small screen for three hours straight, how about catching up with activities that you enjoy doing? Whether it's going out for a walk, reading a book, baking sweet treats, exercising, or singing/dancing to your favorite music!


If you have the tendency to check up on work-related emails at home, try to remind yourself that work-related activities should stay at work.


Incorporate aromatherapy

Not a popular choice in the daily life of an average person, but most of those people don’t realize the great benefits of aromatherapy that they’re missing out on. Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plants that can be flagrantly inhaled, applied, or consumed by those of a wide variety of health conditions. It is popularly used to improve mood, change cognitive states, and can also be utilized as a supplemental medicine.


One of the most popular floral that is primarily used for stress and insomnia relief, and even indigestion, is lavender. My personal favorite lavender-infused beverage is our Pink Matter Lavender Lemonade. Perfect for fulfilling my sweet-tooth cravings, it provides me benefits that I did not know I needed for my body. Not only is it infused with the flower itself, but it also contains Butterfly Pea (an antioxidant with anti-aging properties), and natural sugars such as organic honey and agave. What more could you ask for in just one bottle of lemonade?

via @pinkmatterjuicebar Instagram


Change perspective

Stress is simply a reaction. Although you have little to no control over the number of school assignments that's been given to you, or the growing workload that is given by your not-so-great boss, you always have the choice and control your perspective and the way you react towards those nightmarish situations in a more positive approach. A positive mindset is your best friend and your best weapon for stress.


Stay hydrated

I’m sure you've heard the saying that the human body is made up of 70% of water. With that being said, one of the essential habits that one must incorporate in their routine is to drink a big, tall glass of water right after waking up. Your body becomes dehydrated after 7-8 hours of your needed beauty-sleep, so this allows your body to wake up your metabolism and quickly flush out toxins before you even start your day!


Not only should you drink a glass of water upon waking up, but you should definitely continue this habit of drinking water throughout the day. An average person must drink eight 8-oz. Glasses of water per day. What I like to include in my daily life is a high-quality, BPA free, reusable 25 fl oz water bottle that I can carry with me whether I’m going to school, work, or out hanging out with friends. Just drinking that one bottle already fulfills my necessary daily intake of pure hydration.


Staying hydrated with water and even with infused water is a small act of kindness for your body and for your health in the long run.

fizkes via iStock


Stay in the present moment

I have the tendency to overthink and worry about things that could possibly happen in the future, even when I acknowledge that I have no control over it. Sound familiar? It sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? Whenever I do have those moments, I always like to tell myself: “what’s the point of thinking about what hasn't even happened yet? Why are you putting so much energy into a thought that is just pure imagination that you’ve created yourself?”. This puts your worry into perspective.


I remember a saying that quotes: “Worry is a misuse of the imagination” by Dan Zadra. As we grow up, we gradually develop the habit of using our creative energies just to worry. Of course, it is normal for us human-beings to imagine the worst-case-scenario on an everyday basis due to added responsibilities as we age. But our imagination and creative-energy should not be wasted on worry; it is intended for accomplishing tasks for the day and making your vision a reality.


When we stop worrying about the curve balls that life hasn't thrown yet, we can truly reveal who we truly are as people with all the freedom in the world!

Daniel Milchev via Getty Images

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